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• Is it all right to pay a worker a wage too small to live on? No (2428, 2434)• Do people have a right to accurate news reporting from the media? Yes (2494)• Is it all right for radio and TV personalities to preach hatred of certain individuals or groups? No (2497)• Is it wrong to wear revealing clothes? Yes (2521)• Is greed good? No (2552)ReviewQuick Quiz, page 381.  e moral law is humanity’s common, shared understandingof what is right and wrong.2. Free will is the ability of human beings to choose betweenright and wrong, to be responsible for their own actions. 3. Conscience is a judgment of what is right and wrong.4. Conscience is formed by (1) taking the time to think andpray; (2) reading Scripture; (3) seeking advice about right and wrong from others; (4) learning the teachings of the Church.5. A sin is mortal when it (1) involves a serious matter; (2) is committed by someone fully aware of the evil of the sin; and (3) is committed with someone’s full consent.6. A person who does not repent of a mortal sin cannot enter into eternal life with God.7. Repeating the same venial sin can put a person at risk of fall- ing into mortal sin.8. Working for the common good calls for forming a society that helps all persons to become all they can be.9.  e Old Law is summed up in the Ten Commandments. 10.  e New Law is expressed in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. 11.  e precepts of the Church teach us what to do to grow inlove of God and neighbor.12.  e Holy Spirit gives the pope and the bishops the gift ofinfallibility.  is enables them to speak without error when they speak about Catholic beliefs and the Catholic way of life.2. The Holy Spirit Is Our Teacher, page 42Have the class make up its own prayer book for young people. Using the following titles as suggestions, give each studenta sheet of paper on which to write a prayer in his or her own words. Ask that each prayer be at least  ve sentences long.A Morning PrayerAn Evening PrayerA Prayer Before EatingA Prayer After EatingA Prayer of Sorrow for My SinsA Prayer of  anks for My BlessingsA Prayer for the Sad and LonelyA Prayer for the Poor and HungryA Prayer of Protection for  ose in Danger A Prayer for World PeaceA Prayer of Praise for All God’s CreationA Prayer for My Best FriendA Prayer for All My FriendsA Prayer for My FamilyA Prayer Asking for God’s Help in School A Prayer Just to Say “I Love You, God”A Prayer for My CountryA Prayer for My PastorA Prayer for All My TeachersA Prayer for My SchoolA Prayer to My Guardian AngelA Prayer to Mary/Some Other Saint3. There Are Three Ways to Pray, page 43Invite a priest, a sister or brother, a Catholic single, and a married Catholic to share with students their favorite ways of praying.4. Prayer Changes People, page 44(1) Share with students a story of how someone in your past has made you a better person today. (2)  en share with studentsa story of how God speaking in either a Scripture passage or aPray Church teaching changed your point of view on something.1. There Are Six Kinds of Prayer, page 40(1) Give every student a Bible, and have students count o  from one to six. (2) Have the number ones read and put into their own words Psalm 113, which is a prayer of blessing. (3) Have the twos do the same with Psalm 70, a prayer of petition. (4) Have the threes work with Psalm 122, a prayer of intercession. (5) Have the fours work with Psalm 100, a prayer of thanksgiving. (6) Have the  ves use Psalm 8, a prayer of praise. (7) Have the sixes use Psalm 130, a prayer of contrition. (8) When students are  nished, have them meet together as number ones, twos, threes, and so on, to share their prayers with one another.5. God Listens and Responds, page 44(1) Share with students a time when God said yes to one of your prayers. (2) Share a time when God said no. (3) Explain how both times were experiences of God’s love.6. Jesus Taught Us How to Pray, page 45(1) Recording artists who have sung the Lord’s Prayer include Sister Janet Mead, Sir Cli  Richard, Charlotte Church, Andy Williams, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, and others. Select a recording of the Lord’s Prayer and play it for the class. (2)  en ask students to bow their heads in prayer as you guide them through the following meditation on the Lord’s Prayer.Our Father, who art in heaven—We thank you for letting us call you “Our Father.” We thank you for bringing our earth closer to your Heaven by sending us your Son.13

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