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7. The Ten Commandments Are for Everyone,page 32(1) Ask students to identify which three Commandments relate to loving God and which seven, to loving neighbor. ( ey are, respectively, the  rst three and the remaining seven.) (2)  en tell the group you are going to read aloud a series of statements.  ey are to tell which Commandment in some way relates to each statement. (3) Here are the statements to use along with their corresponding Commandments.•  e day of the week when Jesus rose from the dead deserves special prayer and celebration. ( ird Commandment)• We need to respect our own bodies and the bodies of oth- ers because our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. (Sixth Commandment)•  e names of God and the saints should never be used as part of a curse or as an expression of surprise, anger, or disgust. (Second Commandment)• People running for public o ce should always tell the truth in their campaign speeches. (Eighth Commandment)• Obeying your parents is how you show respect for them.(Fourth Commandment)• It is wrong to want to marry someone who is already someone else’s husband or wife. (Ninth Commandment)• It is wrong to think of money as more important than God.(First Commandment)• It is wrong to either intentionally or unintentionally take the life of another person. (Fifth Commandment)• Copying someone else’s schoolwork is a form of stealing— not just from that person, but from the whole class. (Seventh Commandment)• It is wrong to hate someone else just because he or she is richer than you are. (Tenth Commandment)8. What Does the New Law Ask of Us? page 36(1) Explain that the Beatitudes teach us to see negatives as positives, knowing that God will set everything right in the end. (2) Ask students to write their own beatitudes. Here are some beginnings to get them started.• Blessed are they who give away their birthday money, for...• Blessed are they who are mocked when they stick up for afriend, for...• Blessed are they who rake a lawn without wanting pay, for...• Blessed are they who don’t get angry when their team loses,for...• Blessed are they who solve problems with words instead of sts, for...• Blessed are they who forgive someone who ruins their posses-sions, for...• Blessed are they who don’t watch smutty TV shows, for...• Blessed are they who don’t play gory videogames, for...9. What Are the Precepts of the Church? page 37Ask these questions to measure your students’ understanding of the precepts.• Which precept shows the importance of not letting a whole year pass by without receiving Jesus’ Body and Blood? (3)• Which precept helps the parish pay its heating and lightingbills? (5)• Which precept calls us to a weekly remembrance of Jesus’Resurrection? (1)• Which precept helps us remember that we can never say weare perfect and no longer need God’s forgiveness? (2)• Which precept helps us grow in the self-discipline we need tocarry our crosses and follow Jesus? (4)10. Why Are Church Leaders Important? page 37(1) Point out that the infallibility of Church leaders concerns only matters of faith and morals. A pope cannot speak infallibly on matters of math, science, art, and so on. (2) How well do stu- dents know the Church’s teachings? Below are some questions about faith and morals.  ey will be used in a game. (3) Form two teams, and have each team sit together on either side of the room facing the board or a sheet of newsprint. (4) For each team, designate a spokesperson, whose name you write at the top of the board or newsprint. (5) Alternate asking the two teams the following questions, each of which has a “yes” or “no” answer, along with the number of the paragraph of the Catechism where the answer can be found.  e Catechism citation is just for your own reference; you need not share it with students. (6) Each time a spokesperson answers correctly, give his or her team a point.  e winning team is the one with the most points when you run out of questions.• Does every human being have a right to religious freedom? Yes (CCC 2108)• Is it ever right to do unnecessary work on a Sunday? No (2185) • Is it the duty of a Christian family to care for its sick andelderly? Yes (2208)• Must parents respect their children? Yes (2222)• Is it ever right to skip voting after you are old enough to vote?No (2240)• Should rich countries share some of their wealth with poor countries? Yes (2241)• Is it always wrong to kill someone, even when it’s done in self- defense? No (2264)• Does everyone in society have a right to health care? Yes (2288)• Is it sinful to drive a car at dangerous speeds? Yes (2290) • Is it a sin to torture a prisoner in a time of war? Yes (2298,2313)• Is it all right for a country to buy more weapons than it could ever possibly use? No (2315)• Is it against the moral law to have more than one husband or wife at a time? Yes (2387)• Is it all right to live together before getting married? No (2391) • Should Christians be kind to animals? Yes (2416)12

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