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Saints and Angels—page 8Objective: Children will recognize saints as God’s special friends and angels as God’s messengers. e Communion of Saints is a belief that Catholics profess every time we say the Apostles’ Creed.  e term Communion of Saints tells us that all believers are connected—the souls in Heaven (the saints), the people on earth, and the souls of the dead who are preparing to be with God forever.  is means that we can pray for the souls of the dead to help them enter Heaven. It also means that we can pray to the souls in Heaven (the saints), to ask them to pray to God for us. Catholics study the lives of the saints to learn, from their examples, how to be better, more faithful Catholics.God created angels to be his messengers, and he has given each of us a guardian angel to watch over us and protect us.Materials: CrayonsLesson Plan: Distribute the children’s books and help themto  nd page 8. Read the information at the top of the page, answering any questions children may have. Invite them to look at the illustrations one at a time. Tell children about the angel and the saints pictured. e Angel Gabriel was sent by God to tell Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus.St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was an American who helped train women to teach in Catholic schools.St. Francis of Assisi praised God for creation. He liked animals and birds,  owers and trees, and the sun and the stars. en ask children to point to the picture of the saint who was a teacher. Continue by asking them to point to the saint who loved all that God made. Finally, ask children to  nd the picture of the angel who was sent by God to tell Mary that she would be Jesus’ mother.Conclude with a simple litany. Explain that a litany is a special kind of prayer. Teach children the response, “Pray for us.” Ask them to say this after you name each of the saints on this page. After you name the Angel Gabriel, ask children to say, “Protect us.” End the litany with the Sign of the Cross.The Holy Family—page 9Objective: Children will be able to name the members of the Holy Family. e love and respect the three members of the Holy Family show for one another are examples for all families.  e humility the divine Jesus showed by obeying his human parents is an example of perfect obedience to the FourthCommandment.  e Church honors the Holy Family with a feast, which is celebrated on the Sunday in the eight days, or octave, in which the Church celebrates Christmas. If there is no Sunday in these eight days, the feast of the Holy Family is celebrated on December 30.Materials: CrayonsLesson Plan: Ask children about families. How do they show love for one another? How do they help one another? How are children their age able to help in their families?Explain that children their age can be a big help at home.  ey can put away toys.  ey can hang up clothes.  ey can go to bed without complaining.  ey can share with their brothers and sisters and avoid  ghting with them. en introduce the term Holy Family. Who do they think the Holy Family is? If anyone says their family is holy, agree with them. All families are expected to do their best to be holy. But the Holy Family is even more special than our own families.Distribute the books and ask children to  nd page 9.Ask children to follow along as you read the words at the top of the page.  en ask again, Who is the Holy Family?If there is time, talk with children about what life was like in Jesus’ time. People had to work hard. Most worked with their hands in the  elds and workshops. As a carpenter, St. Joseph worked with hand tools, like a hammer and saw.  ere were no power tools.  ere was no electricity!  ere were no television sets, computers, or cars. No washing machines, stoves, or vacuum cleaners. But even then, boys like Jesus went to school.  ey had to learn how to read the Word of God. Goingto school was important so that young people could learn the history of their people and the laws God had given them.Ask children to choose the correct crayons to follow your directions.1. Color the heart by the mother of Jesus blue.2. Color the heart by Jesus green.3. Color the heart by the foster-father of Jesus brown.Who Leads Our Church Family?—page 10 Objective: Children will recognize the priest as the leader of their parish community.In the Sacrament of Holy Orders, baptized men receive the graces they need to serve the people of the Church family as ordained ministers—bishops, priests, and deacons.A bishop is the leader of all the Church com-munities in a large area. All the bishops of the world make up the college of bishops, which is responsible for taking care of the whole Church.7

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