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house all day and bark at the mail carrier? Shepherd dogs are bred to keep sheep together in a group. And they work for a shepherd, the man or woman who looks after a  ock (group) of sheep.In Jesus’ day, everyone knew what a shepherd did. He led his sheep to good pasture, where they could eat. He protected them from wolves and thieves. At night he took them into a stone pen through a gate and lay down in the gate so no one could get to the sheep without waking him.Jesus says he is like the shepherd and we are like the sheep. And he is serious when he says he knows usby name.Help children  nd page 24 in their handbooks and look at the illustration on the page. Tell children they are like the sheep with Jesus. Jesus will care for each of them and for each member of their families. Help children write their names and the names of their family members on the sheep.Close with this prayer, asking students to repeat each line after you say it. Begin and end the prayer with the Sign of the Cross.Jesus, you are our shepherd. We are your sheep.Please guide us.Teach us what to do.Keep us safe.We will follow you. ank you for taking care of us. Be with us now and forever. AmenJesus Went to a Wedding—page 25Objectives: Children will discover that Jesus ate many meals with his friends and even went to a wedding.  ey will also celebrate the completion of this book with a small party.Many stories in the Bible show Jesus sharing meals and enjoying being with his friends.  is is especially trueof the story of the wedding at Cana (John 2:1-12). Here Jesus enjoys himself and performs a miracle that saves the bridegroom from the embarrassment of running out of wine.Materials: Crayons, juice, cookies that do not contain nuts, small paper plates, paper cups or plastic glassesLesson Plan: Explain that the Bible tells the story of Jesus and his friends attending a wedding in a town called Cana. Jesus was having fun talking to the wedding guests when his mother told him that there was no more wine. Jesus told the waiters to  ll six huge water jugs with water.  en he told one of the waiters to take a taste to the wine steward. When the wine steward tasted it, he said it was very good wine, and the party went on. Jesus wanted his friends to have a good time, just as he wants us to have a good time today.Help children to  nd page 25. Tell them to  nd Jesus in the picture. See if they can  nd the water jugs. en set up the party. If possible, gather children around a large table. Give each one a glass of juice and a small plate with a cookie or two. Before the group begins to eat, ask them to pray by repeating each line of this prayer after you.Come, Lord Jesus,be with us now.We know you like children. We know you like parties.We are gathered in your name.Send your Spirit to join us as we join hands and say,Bless us, O Lord,and these your gifts,which we are about to receive from your goodness. rough Christ, our Lord. AmenWhat Did You Learn?—pages 26 and 27 Objective: Children will test themselves on how well they remember what they have learned in this book.Materials: CrayonsLesson Plan: Tell children they will now test themselves on what they have learned. Because “testing” is a grown-up activity, children will probably feel very important as they undertake this task.Help children to  nd pages 26 and 27 in their handbooks. Explain that on these pages, children will see illustrations from the lessons in their handbooks and they will be reviewing what they learned from these lessons. You may need to explain what it means to review material that has been learned. To review means to call something back to mind so we can almost see it again.As children look at the illustrations, tell them to have their crayons ready and to listen carefully to directions. Begin by asking children to use their brown crayons to draw a circle around St. Joseph. If they need help, ask them to recall what St. Joseph did to earn money to support Jesus and Mary.  en they should look for a man with a carpenter’s tools. Continue with the directions for the review. Ask children to draw:• a blue circle around a child saying night prayers.• a black circle around the holy book of our Church family.What do we call this book?• a red circle around Jesus the Good Shepherd. What shows youthat Jesus is a shepherd?• a yellow circle around the child being baptized. What showsthat the child is being baptized?13

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