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Ask children what they think it means to be God’s People. Help children recognize the variouscommunities in their daily lives: family, class, school, neighborhood, team, club, and so on. Point out that each of us joined the People of God through faith and Baptism. Explain faith and Baptism in your own words, or direct the children to the “Words for You to Know” on page 31.Use the children’s  nger play to help illustrate the di er- ence between church and Church. “Here is the church and here is the steeple. Open the doors and see all the people.”  e building is the church.  e people are the Church, the People of God.If the weather permits, take the children outside with drawing paper and pencils. Position them where they can see the front of your parish church. Ask them to draw a picture of the church. Keep these pictures for use with the lesson on page 17, “Your Parish.”PRAISE AND CELEBRATE7. Baptism is a Sacrament—page 13Take the children to see the baptismal font or pool in your parish church. Use a doll to demonstrate the action and words of Baptism. Limit your demonstration to the pour- ing of water and the words.  ere is no need to go into detail at this time about the anointing with chrism, the white garment, and the candles. ere are several new vocabulary words on this page: Baptism, sacrament, grace. Have the children repeat the words aloud. Talk about what each means so they can explain each in their own words. For de nitions, see “Words for You to Know,” pages 31-33.Talk about the promises of Baptism. God says, “You are my child.”  e person who is baptized promises to live as a child of God.Ask children what happens if a baby or very small child is baptized, which happens often. How do babies and young children make this promise when they can’t even talk? Explain that parents and godparents make the promise for the baby or child.  ey also promise to teach the child about God, so that someday the child can make the prom- ises on his or her own. Ask children how many of them were baptized when they were babies. Tell them that now they are old enough to make this promise themselves.  eir parents and godparents will still help them be true to their promises.Be sure the children know how to do a crossword puzzle. Have the children work in groups of three or four to solve the puzzle.8Answers Down 1—holy 4—loveAcross2—God 3—family8. Your Baptism—page 14Write a note to parents asking them to help their child complete the scroll on page 14. Encourage them to share photographs or video of the occasion with their child.Suggest that they commemorate this special day each year by lighting their child’s baptismal candle (or any white candle) and by tracing the Sign of the Cross on their child’s forehead. Finish by sharing a special dessert.Give the children an opportunity to share their baptismal stories, complete with photographs.  en have each draw a picture of what happened at their Baptism, using the information they have collected. Tell them to include the other people who were present. Display their pictures, with their names underneath their pictures, on a bulletin board. Add the words: I am a child of God and a member of the Church.9. The Sign of the Cross—page 15Place a cruci x on your prayer table. Gather the children around and ask them to tell you what the cruci x means to them. Help them to see that, ultimately, the Crossis a sign of God’s love for us. Ask the children to recall the words of Baptism: “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” Help them make the connection with the Sign of the Cross. Be sure all of the children can make the Sign of the Cross, with both actions and words.Use the Sign of the Cross to talk about the Trinity. Fostera growing awareness of the Blessed Trinity. Discuss with the children when they could make and say the Sign of the Cross:• at the beginning and end of prayers• when they are frightened• when they need God’s help• when they are doing something for God.Ask children to mention other concrete examples of times when making the Sign of the Cross could help them remember that God is with them.

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