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5. God’s Promise to Adam and Eve—page 9As you read the text with the children, stress that God wanted Adam and Eve to be happy forever.Read Matthew 1:20-21 from your classroom Bible.Have the children make a JESUS banner. Outline the let- ters of the name on a long piece of butcher paper. Be sure to draw big, chunky letters. Cut up multi-colored con- struction paper scraps into small (1/2 to 1 inch) irregular pieces. Let children  ll in the letters of the word Jesus with colorful pieces to make a mosaic. Be sure to display their work where other children, parents, and parishioners can appreciate the message of the banner and the children’s good work.5. God’s Promise to Noah—page 10Ask children if they know the story of Noah’s ark. Let them tell what they know. Fill in the blanks or read the story of Noah from a children’s Bible or picture book. Don’t let them get stuck on God destroying everything. Emphasize that God took care of Noah and his family because Noah believed and trusted God.Let the children act out the story of Noah.  ey can accompany the parade of animals to the tune of “ e Ants Go Marching,” changing the names of the animals, and, of course, all the animals will go marching two by two. You can  nd the words and melody for “ e Ants Go March- ing” at many web-sites, including the site for the National Institute of Health, Department of Health and Human Services: will know that we still have  oods and other natural disasters.  ey may know someone who has suf- fered the ravages of a  ood or hurricane. Don’t let them think that this was a punishment from God. Gently help them understand the biblical message. God didn’t say there would never be another  ood, rather that no  ood would ever again destroy the whole world. In other words, God always gives us a chance. God cares about each creature and wants everyone to be saved. Even if people die through a natural disaster, God will take those who are faithful to him to happiness in heaven.After children complete the activity, ask for examples of how God cares for people, animals, and the earth. Chal- lenge children to come up with one example for each band of the rainbow. is would be a good time for a painting activity. Water colors or  nger paints are both good choices for rainbow art. After their pictures dry, have the children print “I care” below their rainbow. Encourage them to take their pictures home, explain to their families what the rainbow means, and hang their pictures where family members can be reminded of God’s promise.5. God Asks Us to Love—page 11After the  ood God asked Noah and his family to take care of the earth.Help the children to understand that God calls them to take care of his creation today. Let them share ways they can help take care of:• the earth, water, air• plants and animals • God’s people en ask each child to choose one way he or she takes care of the earth and draw a picture of that. Next have each child choose one way he or she takes care of another person. Work with the children to illustrate things they really do, not things they may do some day.Gather the children in a circle. Have them take turns sharing their pictures. Let each child choose one or two pictures to describe to the group. Follow each presenta- tion with positive and encouraging comments.Help children plant seeds that will germinate quickly, such as beans, grass, or carrots. Place the pots in a sunny spot in the classroom. Watch how sun and water a ect the growth of the seeds.Display a picture or statue of St. Francis of Assisi. Tell children that St. Francis is known for his love of God’s creation. He showed us that we can love God by taking care of the earth.6. God’s Promises to His People—page 12Tell children that we consider Abraham our father in faith. Each one of us is one of billions of children of Abraham.Give each child a piece of card stock and a star pattern or stencil to trace. Direct children to trace and cut out their star, print their name in large letters on one side, and cover the other side with aluminum foil or silver glitter. If you are using glitter, allow the glue to dry. Punch a hole in one point of each star. Use  shing line to hang the stars over your prayer space.7

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