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BELIEVE3. God Gives Us His Word—page 6Help the children understand by your example that the Bible is a special book.1. Treat the Bible with honor.2. Establish a prayer center in your classroom. Include a colorful cloth, a cruci x or statue, and  owers or a green plant as gifts of creation or signs of the season. Give the Bible a place of honor in your prayer center.3. It is important for Promise children to participate in setting up their prayer area. Let them take turns dur- ing each meeting carrying each item in procession and placing the items on the prayer table. Children who are not carrying items can lead the procession and form an honor guard. Play a selection from the Promise CD “Children of God” to enhance the action.4. Use the Bible. When you share a Bible story or passage from What the Church Believes and Teaches or from the Promise lesson, read the selection from your classroom Bible.  e children are too young to understand book, chapter, and verse, but they will know that the promises of God are found in the Bible.  ey need to understand that the Bible is a special book that deserves honor, but that honoring the Bible doesn’t mean we keep it in a box and never open it.Use this example to help children understand how to use the Bible.It is getting close to your birthday. A card comesin the mail with your name on the envelope. Your mom looks at the return address sticker and says, “It’s a birthday card from Grandma.” Do you say, “Oh, good.  at is so special. I’ll put it away in my treasure box.” Or, do you say, “Oh, good. I’ll open it right away.”God wants us to open and read his words of love!4. God Shows His Love—page 7 is is the day to celebrate God’s creation.• Include some gifts of creation on your prayer table; for example, a sea shell or pinecones.• Take a nature walk and ask the children to look for things that God made. If possible, bring back some specimens for your prayer table.• Give children the opportunity to show and tell about the pictures they draw. Be positive in your comments on each drawing.• Share a snack that comes from a garden or orchard; for example, apples, carrots, cherry tomatoes, grapes.Pray the Lord’s Prayer today, which children can  nd on page 29 of their handbooks.  is prayer reminds us that God is our Father who loves us. We are all children of God.Make a name tag for each child that reads “God made (space for child’s name) with love.” Let the children print their names on the tags. Play a name game to help chil- dren learn everyone’s name.Ask children to sit cross-legged in a large circle on the  oor with some space between each person. You will need a large ball. Begin by saying your name and rolling the ball to a child.  e child picks up the ball and says his or her name and rolls the ball to another child. Continue until everyone has had a turn.5. God Makes Promises—page 8Read the story of Adam and Eve from a children’s Bible.Have the children make happy/sad puppets. Give each child a paper plate. On one side, have them draw a happy face, and, on the other side, draw a sad face.  ey can glue on yarn hair if you like. Tape or glue the paper plates onto craft sticks that can serve as handles.Read the text about Adam and Eve. Ask children to hold up their puppets, showing the happy face when Adam and Eve are happy, and the sad face when Adam and Eve are sad.After the children do the coloring activity, let them share their responses by using their happy/sad puppets again to show whether the children in each situation are happy or sad.Have pairs of children act out the following situations. Have the others “vote” with their happy/sad puppets.• One child shares his or her snack with another child.• One child yells at another.• A child holds the door open for someone carrying a big box.• Two children push to be  rst in line.• Two children fold towels together.6

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