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big sister or brother will sometimes be ready to play catch, and Grandma and Grandpa will almost always have time to tell a story or read a book.Children gain the same kind of security and con dence from belonging to their Church family. And part of that security of belonging comes from understanding and feel- ing comfortable with the words they hear and the actions they see in church.  at’s why What the Church Believes and Teaches includes both “Prayers for You to Know” and “Words for You to Know.”Children will become familiar and comfortable with “Prayers for You to Know” through repetition throughout the year.  e goal is for children eventually to learn these important Catholic prayers by heart so they can feel part of the community that is praying the Lord’s Prayer at Mass or the family that is praying before meals.Help young children to learn these prayers by saying a line and asking them to repeat that line after you. You may also wish to share this hint with parents. Children will probably need help to remember some of these prayers, but most children should be able to memorize the Sign of the Cross and the Blessing Before Meals.Words for You to Know—pages 31-33“Words for You to Know” are child-friendly illustrated de nitions of words that are part of the special language of the Church. Children will become familiar and com- fortable with these words from hearing them in the les- sons in this book. One or two of the words will be part of each lesson.But the words can be repeated and reviewed throughout the year. Make a game of it. What is the word for this pic- ture? Who knows what this word means? Where did you hear it before? Is this a word you hear in church?14

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