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      Have you encountered analogies on tests yet? They help you  gure out how one thing is like another. For example, an analogy can be mathematical, stated 8 is to 4 as 6 is to 3, or written 8/4 = 6/3. The analogy, of course, is that the  rst number is twice the second number. An analogy may also be verbal. Can you  gure out the word that  ts in the blank in the following analogy?
Cat is to feline as dog is to ______________.
Now see if you can supply the missing word in each of the following analogies:
1 2
3 Green is to Ordinary Time as violet is to ____________.
4 Seriousness is to Lent as _______________ is to Easter.
5 The First Sunday of Advent is to Advent as _______ ________________ is to Lent.
Activity 4 Winter 2018
 Analogies for Lent
 Advent is to Christmas as ___________ is to Easter.
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is to New York City as ____________ _________ is to New Orleans.
                          The Israelites’ time in the desert is to 40 years as Jesus’ time in the desert is to _____________ _________.
7 Saint Anne is to Mary as Mary is to ______________.
           Jesus is to the Great Commandment as Moses is to the _______ ________________________.
9 Green is to growth as ______________ is to penance.
A Service of
___________ is to fasting as Easter is to feasting.
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