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      Activity 1 Winter 2018
Create Your Own Epiphany House Blessing
Sunday, January 7, is the feast of the Epiphany.
Epiphany means “showing,” and this feast celebrates the  rst time Jesus was shown to the Gentiles—people who are not Jewish. The feast means that Jesus came not only to Jews but to all people of the earth. All non-Jewish people are represented by the Magi from the East, who followed the star and brought gifts to the Infant Jesus. Their names, according to tradition, were Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar.
To celebrate the feast of Epiphany at the beginning of 2018, you can have a house (or classroom) blessing. Write your own blessing by following these guidelines:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Choose a Leader who will read much of the script you will write.
Choose three people to represent the Magi
to lead your group from door to door. The tallest should carry a long stick from which is suspended, by a string, a large cardboard star covered with aluminum foil.
Find a piece of chalk and name someone
to be the Marker. Using the chalk, the Marker will print 20+C+M+B+18 on the lintel over the door. The numbers stand for the year 2018, and the letters for the names of the Magi. Some people think the letters CMB stand for Christus Mansionem Benedictat (Christ, bless this house). The crosses represent Jesus’ sacri ce for us. At home, mark the main door of the house or apartment and each of the bedroom doors. At school, mark only the classroom door.
Appoint someone to carry a small plastic
bowl of holy water and a small evergreen branch to use as a sprinkler. Bless the doorways with the holy water.
Read a reading from the Bible. Almost everyone uses Matthew 2:1–12.
A Service of
Choose a song to begin and end the service.
Since the service includes Magi (kings) and a star, there is one very appropriate carol.
Give participants something to say. For
example, for a classroom blessing, the Leader might sprinkle the doorway and say, before the
lintel is marked, “May God bless anyone going
in or out of this doorway. And may the Spirit that guided the Magi to Jesus guide us throughout the year.” Everyone can then respond, “Lord, hear our prayer.” If you’re blessing doorways at home, you can personalize what the Leader says. For example, the Leader might say, “May the Spirit that guided the Magi to Jesus guide Steve through a safe basketball season this year” or “May the Spirit that guided the Magi to Jesus guide Dad in the decisions he will make in his job this year.”
When you  nish, have a special dessert
treat. If your household or classroom includes a good baker, maybe he or she could make
the traditional Epiphany King Cake. For more information and a recipe, search the internet. Finish this prayer service by wishing everyone peace and happiness in 2018.
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