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      Activity 3 Spring 2018
 Come, Holy Spirit
We cannot see the Holy Spirit, but we can see the good that the Holy Spirit does. Just like the apostles to whom the Holy Spirit came 2,000 years ago, we have a mission to spread the Good News of Jesus in our world. We can best do this by showing God’s love to others through our own love and kindness as followers of Jesus.
For each of the situations below, circle the letter of the kindest action, the one inspired by the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
  1. Allyson has just received her driver’s license. She might
h. Invite her four best friends to jump into her mom’s car and take a quick spin on a country road
i. Save her grandmother a bus trip by driving her to the doctor
j. Drive all around town to practice her driving skills
2. Barb’s mom tells her: “If you don’t invite Paul to your party, there won’t be a party.” Paul is
the class nerd. Barb might
u. Give up the party rather than subject her friends to Paul’s presence
v. Agree to send Paul an invitation, pretend that she did, and then tell her mom that Paul
said he couldn’t come
w. Invite Paul to the party and make a special effort to help him have a good time
A Symbol of the Holy Spirit
Take the letters of the Spirit- lled answers above and unscramble them to make a word that names a symbol of the Holy Spirit. It is something you cannot see, but you can feel and hear it. If you need help, check Acts 2:2. Write your answer here:
3. Brad notices that Gloria is trying to copy his answers during a math test. He might
c. Move his paper closer to Gloria so she can better see his answers––she’s a good friend
d. Move his paper so Gloria can’t see his answers and later offer to help her with their math lessons
e. Teach Gloria a lesson by writing incorrect answers for her to copy,
wait until she hands in her paper,
and then change the incorrect answers to the correct ones
4. Alex’s dad has asked him to give Sassy, their German shorthair, a bath on
Saturday. He’d do it himself but he has to work on Saturday and the dog is smelly and dirty. Alex would rather hang out at the
mall with his friends. He could
m. Pay his little sister Sally a dollar to bathe Sassy while he goes to the mall
n. Give Sassy the best bath she’s ever had
o. Wipe Sassy off with a damp towel, join his friends at the mall, and let Dad think that Sassy has had a bath
                A Service of
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