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      When we think and behave in ways that reach out to God and what is good, we are practicing the basic Christian virtues. There are seven of these virtues: faith, hope, charity (or love), prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance. Below are examples of people practicing one or more virtues. In each case complete the sentence by naming the virtue being practiced. The Virtue Box will help you decide.
Activity 2 Fall 2017
 Virtues Match
  Virtue Box
                                    A Service of
1. Bobbie is left home alone with a cookie jar  lled with newly baked chocolate chip cookies. She wants more, but she eats only three. Bobbie is practicing _________________.
2. On All Souls’ Day, Lance remembers his deceased grandmother with special prayers. Lance is practicing faith, love, and ___________________.
3. Mrs. Johnson  nds a wallet with $100 inside. She could really use the money, but she returns it to the owner. She is practicing prudence and ___________________.
4. Seth always tells the truth, even when a lie would get him out
of trouble. Seth is practicing prudence and ___________________.
5. Mr. Mason goes to daily Mass and Communion. Mr. Mason is practicing love, hope, and ___________________.
6. A kind neighbor has given Tonya a box of old costume jewelry
to share with her three sisters. Tonya takes turns choosing favorite pieces with her sisters. Tonya is practicing prudence, love, and ___________________.
7. Luke has the winning ticket in his school’s ra e. He would love to spend it all on himself, but he gives the $300 to his mom to help pay for the stove the family needs. Luke is practicing prudence and ___________________.
8. The O’Brien family prays at every meal they share. The O’Briens are practicing love and _________________.
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                            Faith: Trust and
belief in God as the source of all goodness
Charity or love: Love of God above all things. Loving our neighbors and ourselves because we love God
Prudence: The abilitiy to decide what is good and to choose it
Justice: Fairness or giving to God, our neighbors, and ourselves what is owed to them
Fortitude: The spiritual strength to do good and keep on doing it no matter what
Temperance: Self-control in enjoying life’s pleasures
Hope: Trust in God’s promise of eternal life

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