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      Mary must have had a happy life. Joseph was a caring husband and her son loved her dearly. But we learn in the Gospels that there were unhappy times for Mary, too. The Church has a special name for these sad events and there is a feast day to honor Mary for her faith and courage in facing them. (It is celebrated on September 15.) To learn the name given to these sad events, complete this puzzle. If you need help, read the Scripture passages.
1. A holy man told Mary that troubled times lay ahead of her. If his name was Samuel, write J in space 1; if Simeon, write S. (Luke 2:34–35)
2. If this prophecy happened at the synagogue in Nazareth, write O in space 2; if in Jerusalem, write E. (Luke 2:22–23)
3. If to save Baby Jesus’ life, Mary and Joseph  ed to Egypt, write V in space 3; if to Syria, write T. (Matthew 2:13–14)
4. A jealous king wanted to kill Jesus. If his name was Zog, write M in space 4; if Herod, write E. (Matthew 2:13–14)
5. If Jesus was lost when he was a baby, write H in space 5; if he was 12, write N. (Luke 2:4–43)
6. If Mary and Joseph found Jesus with friends, write A in space 6; if with teachers in the temple, write S. (Luke 2:45–46)
7. If Mary met her son wearing a crown of thorns and carrying a cross on a street in Jerusalem, write O in space 7; if Bethany, write F. (Luke 23:27–28)
8. If this meeting happened on the way to Gesthemane, write E in space 8; if Golgatha, or Calvary, write R. (John 19:17)
9. If the only Apostle brave enough to stand with Mary at the foot of the Cross was Peter, write S in space 9; if John, write R. (John 19:25–27)
10. If on the cross Jesus asked Mary to be John’s friend, write A in space 10; if John’s mother, write O. (John 19:25–27)
11. If the body of Jesus was given to Joseph of Arimathea, write W in space 11; if taken away by the Romans, write J. (John 19:38)
12. If the body of Jesus was buried in a cof n, write Y in space 12; if wrapped in cloth and laid in a tomb, write S. (John 19:39–42)
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