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Holiday 2017 Seasonal Activities Answer Key
Visions (Grades 7-8)
Activity 1
All Saints’ Day: Saints’ Epitaphs
1-Saint Anthony of Padua, 2-Saint Teresa of Kolkata, 3-Saint Peter, 4-Saint Mary Magdalene, 5-Saint Katharine Drexel, 6-Saint Francis of Assisi
Activity 1
Saint John the Baptist
The words are listed in the order they are used in the story.
Page 1
1st paragraph: Jerusalem, Jesus, Zechariah, Temple, Elizabeth, Mary, Elizabeth, old 2nd paragraph: Zechariah, Temple, Gabriel, Elizabeth, John, believe, dumb, nine
Page 2
1st paragraph: Elizabeth, Mary, leaped for joy
2nd paragraph: desert, Jordan, preaching, camel’s hair, locusts, honey, skinny, weird, speaker, repentance, baptized, Jordan
3rd paragraph: sinless, baptize, beloved Son, Peter, Andrew (order of Peter and Andrew can be reversed)
4th paragraph: Jesus, Herod
Activity 2
Saints of Advent and Christmas
1-Nicholas, 2-Thomas Becket, 3-Immaculate, 4-Advent, 5-Holy, 6-Innocents, 7-Mary, 8-Andrew, 9-John, 10-Guadalupe, 11-Francis, 12-Lucy, 13-Stephen
Advent prayer: Come, Lord Jesus
Activity 3
Feasts of Advent and Christmas
1-True, 2-True, 3-False, 4-True, 5-True, 6-False Advent means COMING.

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