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      Saints of Advent and Christmas
Can you name these saints of Advent and Christmas? Put your answers in the puzzle below. When you  nish, look for the name of an Advent prayer in the yellow column.
1. I am the bishop best known for my generosity to children. (December 6)
2. I was murdered in my cathedral in Canterbury, England, in 1170. (December 29)
3. Mary was born without Original Sin. This is called the ______ Conception. (December 8)
4. This is the  rst season of the Church year.
5. What kind of family were Jesus, Mary, and Joseph? (December 31)
6. We died when King Herod tried to kill Jesus. We are the Holy _____. (December 28)
7. My child was born in a stable a long distance from home. (December 25)
Choose from
these answers: 4
8. Advent begins on the Sunday closest to my feast day. (November 30)
9. I am called “the beloved” apostle. I also wrote the Fourth Gospel. (December 27)
Activity 2 Holiday Season 2017
 10. 11. 12. 13.
I appeared to an Aztec called Juan Diego. I am Our Lady of ______. (December 12)
I was the most dedicated missionary since Saint Paul. My second name is Xavier. (December 3)
I am an early martyr. My name comes from the Latin word for light, lux. (December 13)
King Wenceslaus looked out on my feast day, December 26. I am the  rst Christian martyr.
                                              John Immaculate Lucy Nicholas
1 2 3
     6 Francis 7 Advent 8
Did you  nd the three-word Advent prayer that runs vertically through the puzzle?
Write it here:
                           Stephen Thomas Becket Guadalupe Holy Andrew Innocents Mary
A Service of
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