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      Activity 1 Holiday Season 2017
 Saint John the Baptist
John was the last prophet God sent to prepare the way for Jesus. Finish this short biography of John by  lling in the blanks. You’ll  nd all the missing words in the box below. You will need to use some words more than once.
    Mary Zechariah Herod Simon Andrew Jesus
Gabriel Jordan Temple dumb leaped for joy beloved Son
nine locusts baptized honey camel’s hair desert
baptize skinny weird sinless speaker John
believe old preaching Jerusalem Elizabeth repentance
            A Service of
John was born not far from the great city of ________________ about six months before the birth of ________________. His dad, ________________, was a priest in the ________________. His mom, ________________, was a housewife and a relative of ________________. ________________ was believed to be too ________ to have babies.
One day when ________________ was burning incense in the ________________, the angel ________________ appeared and told him that ______________ would have a baby. The angel said they should name the baby ______________, which means “God is gracious.” Because he did not ___________, he was struck _______________.
For ________________ months, he was not able to speak a word, not until the baby was born and was named John.
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