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      Titles of Jesus
January 3 is the feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus. There are many names for Jesus besides the one the angel gave him. These are called titles. Look at the titles in the box. Then write each title on the line after the sentence that best describes it.
1. Jesus is “God with us.” An Advent hymn uses this title for Jesus.
2. Jesus’ message of love and peace can enlighten all nations of the world.
3. Jesus is the beginning and the end—the source of our being and the eternal destiny we want to reach.
4. Jesus is descended from Israel’s greatest king.
5. Jesus was known as teacher to many people he met.
6. Jesus brings us life in the Eucharist.
7. Like all of us, Jesus grew up in a particular place at a particular time.
8. Jesus is the ideal sacri ce who gave up his life for us.
9. Jesus leads us, protects us, and guides us to safe places.
10. In addition to being divine, Jesus is truly human.
It’s Your Turn
Can you make up two more titles for Jesus? Use them in your prayers on January 3, the feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus.
Activity 1 Winter 2018
Son of David Son of Man Lamb of God
Good Shepherd Light of the World Emmanuel Living Bread Alpha and Omega Rabbi Nazorean
                        A Service of
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