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Spring 2018 Seasonal Activities Answer Key
Venture (Grades 4-6)
Activity 1
1-Good Friday, March Thirtieth; 2-Holy Thursday, March Twenty-ninth; 3-Palm/Passion Sunday, March Twenty- fth; 4-Holy Saturday, March Thirty- rst; 5-Ascension, May Tenth and May Thirteenth; 6-Easter Sunday, April First; 7-Pentecost, May Twentieth
Activity 2
Holy Thursday, Mass of the Lord’s Supper, March 29; Good Friday, Celebrating the Lord’s Passion, March 30; Holy Saturday, The Easter Vigil, March 31; Easter Sunday, Mass of the Resurrection, April 1
Activity 3
Across: 3-converts, 4-Luke, 5-birthday, 8-Easter, 9-room, 10-wind Down: 1-Matthias, 2-tongues of  re, 6-Acts, 7-Mary
Word for Pentecost Fact: community

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