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        Feasts of the
Lent-Easter Season
These calendar pages show the dates of some very important celebrations of the Lent-Easter season. Use the clues at the right to learn the name of each special day and its date in 2018. Read each description. Then unscramble the letters that give the name of the celebration and its date. Write the names and dates in the blank spaces. Share this information with your family by posting it on your refrigerator.
                                   A Service of
Activity 1 Spring 2018
1. At this Friday afternoon service, we gather in our parish church to remember Jesus’ suffering and Death on the Cross.
This special day is odogrifdya. Its date in 2018 is chthmarirtieth.
2. At this evening Mass, we remember Jesus’ Last Supper with his friends and his gift of the Eucharist.
This special day is olhytaydursh.
Its date in 2018 is thmarntychtwenin.
3. On this Sunday, we recall Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem when the people hailed him as their savior.
This special day is malppiasonsunsayd. Its date in 2018 is yfmawenrchttifth.
4. After dark on this day, the priest blesses a new  re and, with it, lights a new Easter candle—a symbol of Jesus, the Light of the World.
This special day is sloyhatruady. Its date in 2018 is mtyastrch rthir.
5. On this day, we remember Jesus’ return to his Father. In most places, it is celebrated on the Seventh Sunday of Easter, but, in a few places, Catholics still observe it on a Thursday.
This special day is the encasinos. Its dates in 2018 are ntmhayte and athyirtethenm.
6. On this, our most important feast, we celebrate Jesus’ rising from Death to new life.
This special day is reasetunsady. Its date in 2018 is ril rapst.
7. This is the birthday of the Church. We celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to the  rst followers of Jesus.
This special day is neetpsoct. Its date in 2018 is mwenethaytti.
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