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      The Liturgical Year in the Church is made up of  ve different seasons, each based on great events in the life of Jesus and his followers. Each season a special color is seen in the priest’s vestments and in church decorations. Can you name the Liturgical seasons and colors for the upcoming Church year? Choose your answers from the boxes along the right side of this page.
1. The  rst season of the Church year is _______________. This year it begins on December 3 and lasts until midnight on December 24. The season’s name means “coming.” During this season, people wait and plan for the coming of Jesus. The color seen in the priest’s vestments and in church decorations is _________________.
2. Next in the Church year comes ___________________. This season celebrates Jesus’ birth. It begins on December 25 and ends with the feast of the Baptism of the Lord on Sunday, January 8, 2018. The joy of the Church’s celebration is shown in the color of the season, _______________. The joy of the season is often re ected in another color, gold, which is also seen in church during this season.
3. ___________________ begins on January 9, 2018. This is the only liturgical season that has two phases. The  rst phase ends at midnight on Tuesday, February 13. The second phase comes later in the Church year. During both phases of this liturgical season the Church focuses on growth in faith. The color of this season, ___________________, symbolizes that growth.
4. ___________________ is the Church season that begins on Ash Wednesday, which in 2018 is on February 14. During this season, members of the Church prepare for the greatest feast of the Church year with prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. The seriousness of the season is shown by its color, ___________________.
5. ___________________ begins on and has the same name as the Church’s most important feast, celebrated in 2018 on Sunday, April 1. Called the “Great Fifty Days,” this season ends with Pentecost celebrated on Sunday, May 20. The joy of this Liturgical season is re ected in the color of the priest’s vestments and church decorations, ___________________. Sometimes another color, gold, is also seen in church during this season.
6. Next is the second phase of the season you read about earlier. By far the longest season, ___________________ begins on May 21, and will end on December 1, 2018. During this time, ___________________ is the color seen in church.
Activity 3 Fall 2017
 The Seasons of the Church Year
 Choose from these seasons!
 Easter Advent Ordinary Time Christmas Lent
Choose from these seasons!
Violet stands for
a time of serious, thoughtful preparation for great events by which God changed the lives of the human family. It stands for a time of penance as well as our longing for something great to happen.
 Green stands for our growth in faith and
in our knowledge and understanding of Jesus’ words and deeds.
 White indicates purity, innocence, and celebration of joyous events
        A Service of
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