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       Activity 2 Fall 2017
            Mary Days
The Church honors Mary on many days throughout the Church year. She is the greatest of all the saints, the mother of God’s own Son, Jesus. At this time of year, Mary has six feasts. To learn about these feasts  nd the words that complete the descriptions.
                                        Choose from these words.
                  1. Mary was without ____________________ her whole life, from its very beginning in her mother’s womb. That is why at her death she was taken into Heaven body and soul. This event is called her Assumption and is celebrated on August 15, which is usually
a holy day of obligation. Ask Mary to help you overcome the sin in your life.
2. On August 22, the Church honors Mary as ______________________ of Heaven and Earth. She is given this title because she is the mother of God’s own Son, Jesus, who is King of Heaven and Earth. Thank Mary for all the love and help she offers us from heaven.
3. Nativity means ______________________. The Nativity of Mary is celebrated on September 8. According to tradition, the parents of Mary were a holy couple named Anne and Joachim. Thank God for the birth of Mary and for our own birth, too.
A Service of
4. On September 12, we celebrate the Feast of the Most Holy _____________________ of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary’s name stands for all that is good and loving. Pray for Mary to help you so that your name will stand for what is good and loving.
5. According to the Gospels, Mary suffered seven great sorrows in her life. The greatest of these was the _____________________
of Jesus. On September 15, we remember Mary’s sorrows and ask her to pray for all people who suffer deep sorrow. This feast is called “Our Lady of Sorrows.”
6. On October 7, we honor Mary with the title “Our Lady of the ____________________.” The Church dedicates the whole month to this beautiful prayer in which we meditate on the life of Jesus and Mary as we say the Hail Mary over and over again. Pray the Rosary often for world peace.
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