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Holiday 2017 Seasonal Activities Answer Key
Venture (Grades 4-6)
Activity 1
All Saints’ Day: Saints and Their Labors 1-c, 2-i, 3-e, 4-g, 5-a, 6-j, 7-d, 8-h, 9-b, 10-f
Activity 2
Advent Crossword
Down: 1-year, 2-light, 4-banquet, 6-Christmas, 7-kindness, 10-love
Across: 3-December, 5-third, 6-coming, 8- rst, 9-four, 11-second, 12-Baptist, 13-rose
Activity 3
Christmas Story Quiz
1-What are swaddling clothes? 2-Who announced Jesus’ birth? 3-Who were the  rst to learn of Jesus’ birth? 4-Who is the Messiah? 5-What is a manger? 6-What was Jesus’ hometown? 7-Why is Bethlehem the City of David? 8-Who were the Magi? 9-Who was Herod? 10-Who was Caesar Augustus?

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