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       Christmas Story Quiz
Here are answers to some questions about the Christmas story. Look
in the Question Box to  nd the questions that go with the answers. Then write each question next to
its answer. Be careful—not all the questions in the Question Box are used.
Question Box
Who was Nero?
Who was Herod?
Who was Julius Caesar? Who was Caesar Augustus? What are togas?
What are swaddling clothes? Who announced Jesus’ birth? Who was the archangel Michael? Who were the  rst to learn
of Jesus’ birth?
Who were the last to learn the news of Jesus’ birth? What is a manger?
Who is the Messiah?
What was Jesus’ hometown? Why is Bethlehem the
City of David?
Who were the Magi?
Who were the Pharisees?
A Service of
Activity 3 Holiday Season 2017
1. Baby clothes in biblical times. Long strips of cloth were wrapped around a baby’s body to keep it warm and to hold its arms and legs in place. People believed the wrap would help a baby’s arms and legs grow straight.
2. An angel of the Lord who appeared in the night sky with a multitude of angels. The angel was probably Gabriel, the same angel who announced to Mary that she was to be the Mother of God.
3. Some poor shepherds who were tending their sheep near Bethlehem.
4. Jesus Christ, the promised Savior of God’s people, who had been waiting for thousands of years for him to come.
5. A long, narrow, box-shaped feeding trough for donkeys, horses, and cattle. Mary and Joseph found one in the stable where they stayed and made it into a cradle for Jesus.
Question:_____________________________________________ 6. Nazareth, where Mary and Joseph lived.
7. David, Israel’s greatest king, was born there. Question:_____________________________________________
8. Early visitors to the infant Jesus. They probably came from Persia (now Iran) and were experts in astrology—the belief that the movements of the stars and planets determine events in people’s lives.
9. The king of the Jews when Jesus was born. Israel had been conquered by Rome, and the king ruled only because Rome chose him.
10. Rome’s  rst emperor. He was emperor when Jesus was born. Rome was the world’s superpower in those days.
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