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      Activity 2 Holiday Season 2017
 Advent Crossword
What words are missing from these sentences? Look for the words in the word bank below. Use the words you  nd to  ll in the crossword.
3. This year, the First Sunday of Advent falls on _________ 3.
5. Gaudete is the name of the ______ Sunday of Advent. We rejoice because Christmas is coming soon.
6. The word Advent means ___________.
8. Advent is a special time to prepare our hearts for a
celebration of Jesus’ ______ coming as a human baby.
9. There are ______ Sundays in Advent. This year, there are 22 days in Advent to get ready for Jesus’ birthday.
11. Advent is not only about Christmas. It is a special time for remembering that Jesus will come in glory at the end of time—his ______ Coming.
12. John the ___________ prepared God’s people for Jesus’ coming.
13. The priest may wear ______ vestments instead of violet, the usual Advent color, on Gaudete Sunday. Gaudete means “rejoice.”
1. The First Sunday of Advent begins a new Church ______, 2017–2018, which will end on December 1, 2018.
2. The candles in the Advent wreath remind us that Jesus is the ______ of the World.
4. Jesus will come again in glory to lead us to the heavenly ___________.
6. Advent is to _________ as Lent is to Easter.
7. We prepare our hearts for Jesus’ coming through penance, prayer, and acts of love and ______.
10. In his Gospel, Saint John the Evangelist writes, “God is ______.” The Advent-Christmas season is a special reminder of God’s love.
                             Word Bank
     December kindness second Baptist  rst
four coming
light banquet love Christmas year
third rose
          A Service of
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