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    Activity 1 Holiday Season 2017
     A Circle
of Family and
You can make a centerpiece for your dinner table and make it look like all the people sharing the meal with you. Cut out the strip on the right side of this page. Make an accordion fold on all the dotted lines. Use the  gure for your cutting guide. Cut out all the shaded parts. When you’re done, you should have  ve  gures joined at the hands and feet. Will you have more than  ve people at your table? Print this page again to make more  gures. Then write the names of the people at your table on the  gures. On the reverse side, write a reason you are thankful for each person. Tape the  gures together so you have a circle that will stand up.
Here are some examples of why you might be thankful for your guests:
Uncle Mike, because he tells stories about when he was a kid Aunt Sara, because she bakes wonderful pies to share
Ms. Lucas, because she has a smile for everyone
Chad, because he entertains the little kids with tricks before dinner Jessie, because she volunteers at the parish food bank
As you say the prayer before the meal, remember to thank God for all the people who have gathered with you to share food and friendship.
                     A Service of
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