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      Saints and Their Labors
Based on the work saints did, which one could help you most in each of these situations? Choose from the saints in the box.
 A Service of
1.____ Your aunt is to be married on Saturday, but the husband of the soloist she hired just called to say his wife has laryngitis. What saint could help you out?
2.____ The driver of a van  lled with live chickens lost control and crashed through the wall of your bedroom. You’ve helped the driver and caught all the chickens, and the van has been removed. Now you need someone to repair the damage. What worker, who is honored on March 19 and May 1, could do the work?
3.____ A woman says you ran your bike into her parked car in the supermarket parking lot and did $800 worth of damage. Who could defend you in court?
4.____ It’s your parents’  fteenth wedding anniversary, and they’ve planned a big party for relatives and friends. Somehow they overlooked your hair, which looks shaggy. What saint could give you a haircut to make a parent proud?
5.____ Your dad and mother both work hard but need to watch expenses. They need a  nancial advisor to make sure all their taxes will be paid. Who’s the saint for them?
6.____ The circus is in town, but the animal trainer just quit. What saint do you think would use kindness to train the lions, tigers, and bears?
7.____ It’s time for your annual Scout campout, but all the temporary overnight shelters are torn. Who could save the day?
8.____ You’re afraid you have strep throat, but your doctor is in Florida for a medical convention. Who could help?
9.____ Your family wants to take a once-in-a-lifetime  shing trip to the wilds of northern Canada, but you need a guide to show you where the  sh are, recommend the best bait, and keep you safe. Who would be the best guide from Heaven?
10.____ Your father wants to grow prize-winning roses. Who could advise him?
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Activity 1 All Saints’ Day 2017
  a. Saint Matthew collected taxes for the Romans until Jesus called him to be an apostle.
b. Saint Peter and his brother Saint Andrew worked as  shermen on the Sea of Galilee.
c. Saint Cecilia was said to be a wonderful vocalist and is often shown playing the organ.
d. Saint Paul always traveled with the tools he used as a tentmaker.
e. Saint Thomas More was a lawyer who became Chancellor of England.
Henry VIII had him executed for treason.
f. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, called the “Little Flower,” promised to shower people on earth with blessings that would fall like  owers from Heaven.
g. Saint Martin de Porres needed medicine, herbs, and bandages as well as scissors and combs to do his work.
h. Saint Blaise was being led to prison when he stopped to help a boy who had a  sh bone caught in his throat.
i. Saint Joseph passed on his trade to Jesus.
j. Saint Francis of Assisi loved all of God’s Creation, even animals who misbehaved.

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