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 Solve These Autumn Riddles
Can you tell what or who is speaking in each poem?
We fall from trees all yellow and red. We make a blanket on which you tread. God sends you our most colorful show before your world is covered with snow.
We are   .
I’m round and orange and grow in the sun. I bring you lots of autumn fun.
Jesus wants you to be safe on my night and always try to do what is right.
I am a .
I fall to Earth from a tree branch on high and I’ll soon be peeled and baked in a pie. Such great things come from God above as signs of God’s goodness, kindness, and love.
I am an   .
Activity 1 Fall 2017
         apple saint
leaves pumpkin
                A Service of
We lived on Earth and did so well
that God took us to Heaven above to dwell. We joined the heavenly choir so high.
We pray that you’ll join us by-and-by.
We are the .
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