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                                                                                                                                                     What Is Lent All About?
Lent is all about getting ready for Easter. What three actions them, solve these three rebuses. Then decide which Lenten the word for the action on the line following the description.
Activity 4 Winter 2018
can help us to get ready for Easter? To discover action each of these children is practicing. Write
ell ce
esent t ndgiel y ell ce
t di
1. Lily uses some of her playtime to help her dad clean the yard.
2. Ross and his family say the Morning Offering together on the Saturdays and Sundays in Lent.
3. The children in the Westen family give up candy for Lent.
4. Marcus gives part of the money he earned to the missions to help sick children in foreign lands.
5. Alicia decides not to watch her favorite TV program during Lent.
6. 7.
9. 10.
During Lent, Gavin attends Mass on Saturday in addition to Sunday.
Soledad agrees to be a server for Father
Mike when he leads the Stations of the Cross.
Brady spends several hours a week helping his little brother learn to throw a baseball.
Kasey gives some of her games to Goodwill.
Micky and his sister write a special blessing for their family to use before meals during Lent.
                                                                   A Service of
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