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 An Epiphany Crossword
Solve the Epiphany crossword. Use the words in the box below. When you  nish, put the letters in the shaded blocks together to  nd the missing word in the message of the Epiphany.
gold star diligently
Magi overjoyed west
1. How did King Herod tell the travelers from the East to search for Jesus?
3. In what town did the chief priests and scribes say the Messiah would be born?
6. What guided the travelers to  nd Jesus?
2. Another name for the travelers from the East
4. How did the travelers feel when they left King Herod and saw their guide to  nding Jesus?
5. What yellow gift did the travelers bring to Jesus?
7. In what direction did the travelers need to go to reach Jesus?
A Service of
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The Message of the Epiphany
Jesus came not only for his own people, but for
_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
in the world.
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