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                                                                                                                                                                  Activity 3 Spring 2018
    A Challenge for Spring
  Spring is the season when we play outside and enjoy our wonderful world. The following paragraph tells us how God wants us to treat the Earth. Complete the paragraph by writing the appropriate words in the blanks. Choose from the words in the word bank.
   It took six days for God to make the ________________ and its inhabitants. The world is _______ because God made it. God wants people like __________ to _______________ our world from damage. God wants us to ________ together to ________ the world become better. Let us act with ____________ to carry out God’s wishes.
               Extra Challenge
A Springtime Prayer
Word Bank
holy the Earth help protect come spirit us
Can you put the words from the word bank into the blanks below to make a prayer to the Holy Spirit? To help you get started, two blanks are already  lled in.
,     Spirit .
          A Service of
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