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               Activity 2 Spring 2018
    Easter Symbols Crossword
Can you name these symbols of Easter? Put the words in the puzzle.
1. Just as Jesus rose to new life from his tomb, this creature leaves a cocoon-like case called a chrysalis to show its beautiful new life to the world.
2. The priest wears vestments of this color on joyful feast days like Easter to show the happiness of the Church.
3. This object stands for Jesus, the Light of the World.
4. We color these at Easter. Like Jesus’ tomb, they hold the promise of new life within them.
5. This furry little animal is a sure sign of the new life in the natural world in springtime.
6. This meek, white, woolly animal stands for Jesus, the innocent victim who sacri ced himself for us on Good Friday.
7. This beautiful, white  ower represents the rebirth of our beautiful world in the spring.
            A Service of
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