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              Activity 1 Spring 2018
    The Events of Holy Week
Print the words missing from each sentence in the numbered blanks below. If your answers are correct, you will see a vertical word that names the joyous season that will last for 50 days.
1. Holy Week is the week of Jesus’ _____, his great sacri ce for us.
2. The week begins with _____ Sunday.
3. Jesus gave us the Eucharist at his Last
Supper, which we celebrate on Holy _____.
4. On Good Friday, we remember that Jesus was put on trial by Pontius _____.
5. When Jesus was cruci ed, he asked his Father to _____ his executioners.
6. The wonderful surprise that follows Holy Week is Jesus’ _____.
                1. 2.
4. 5.
                                                  A Service of
Did you  nd the hidden word?
Write it here.
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