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              Activity 3 Fall 2017
1. ________________________________ would pass out wooden toys he built himself in his workshop.
2. _________________________________ would offer each child a beautiful rose.
3. __________________________________ would help you  nd your trick-or-treat bag if you lost it.
4. _______________________________ would happily accept children’s Christmas lists.
5. ________________________________ would give any child who was cold a wonderfully warm cloak.
6. ________________________________ would give everybody a ride on a dragon he had defeated in battle and then tamed.
7. _________________________________ would sing you a song popular with her Native American people.
8. ________________________________ would give everybody a quick haircut.
9. _________________________________ would give homemade cookies.
10. ________________________________ would give out small U.S.  ags.
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    Saintly Trick-or-Treat
Imagine you get to trick-or-treat in Heaven. All the saints have their lights on, and their pumpkins offer you a warm, cheerful welcome. What treat would each saint offer you? From the list below, choose the saint who would offer each treat and write his or her name on the line.
Choose from these saints!
  Saint Kateri Tekakwitha was a member of the Mohawk tribe.
Saint Martin of Tours once cut his cloak in half to share with a shivering beggar.
Saint Nicholas is the original Santa Claus.
Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, called the Little Flower, wanted to send blessings that would fall from heaven like  ower petals.
Saint Anthony of Padua helps people  nd miss-ing objects.
Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini was the  rst U.S. citizen to be named a saint.
Saint Joseph was a carpenter who knew what children liked to play with.
Saint Martha was a friend of Jesus. She was known as a housekeeper and cook.
Saint George saved a maiden who was being threatened by a dragon.
Saint Martin de Porres was a barber. In his day barbers knew a lot about medical herbs and how they could cure illness.
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