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 Activity 2 Fall 2017
Can you discover who is telling each of the stories about the life of Saint Francis? Choose the speakers from the box and write their names at the end of their stories.
Five Scenes from the Life of Saint Francis of Assisi
Francis’ father Saint Clare wolf of Gubbio leper
Francis saw my face, which was distorted by illness, misery, and loneliness. Instead of turning away in disgust, Francis gave me money and kissed my hand.
I am the ___________________________________________. Francis and I were good friends, and together we founded
an order of religious women to carry on his work.
I am ______________________________________________.
I was a dealer in beautiful cloth that people used to make clothes. I wanted Francis to take over my business, but he said he would rather be poor, like Jesus. Francis was happy to wear a shepheard’s tunic with a hood. He tied a rope around his waist for a belt.
I am ______________________________________________.
I was creatng a disturbance by stealing people’s chick- ens and other livestock. Francis found my hiding place and scolded me. He said the townspeople would feed me enough food every day if I would stop stealing from them. I offered my paw to Francis and we shook. It was a deal.
I am ______________________________________________.
From above we saw Francis laid out on our Mother Earth to die as he requested. We sang a last good-bye to the one who had preached to us in the past.
We are the _________________________________________.
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