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                                                                              MY ADVENT CALENDAR
Use this calendar to prepare for Christmas.
Sunday · 3
Monday · 4
Tuesday · 5
Wednesday · 6
Thursday · 7
Friday · 8
Saturday · 9
Go to a quiet place and tell God about your day.
Try not to complain today, even if you are asked to do some- thing you don’t like to do.
God is very generous with us. Find a way to be generous today.
Give someone a treat today in honor of the generous Saint Nicholas.
If someone insults you today, give him or her a big smile.
Go to Mass today.
Call someone who would enjoy talking to you.
Saint Francis Xavier
Immaculate Conception
1st Sunday of Advent
Saint Nicholas
Saint Juan Diego
Sunday · 10
Monday · 11
Tuesday · 12
Wednesday · 13
Thursday · 14
Friday · 15
Saturday · 16
If you’re planning to make gifts for friends or family, get busy!
Do a kind act for each member of your family today.
Do a library or internet search to learn about Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego.
The name Lucy means “light.” How can you bring light into someone’s life today? With a smile? A joke?
Clean your room today without being asked.
Make a Christmas star and hang it in your room.
Go out of your way to be nice to a classmate whom the other kids ignore.
2nd Sunday of Advent
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Saint Lucy
Sunday · 17
Monday · 18
Tuesday · 19
Wednesday · 20
Thursday · 21
Friday · 22
Saturday · 23
Christmas is almost here! Share the joy of this special Sunday.
How can you be a messenger of Jesus’ Good News in your words and actions?
Offer encouragement or give someone a compliment today.
Don’t call anyone a mean name from now until Christmas—and beyond.
Make special Christmas cards
for your grandparents.
If you’ve been mea-n to a brother, sister, or friend, say you’re sorry. Remember to be kind to others.
Ask your mother or father how you can help at home tonight.
3rd Sunday of Advent
Saint John of Kanty
Sunday · 24
Monday · 25
Try to be extra patient today.
Thank God for the greatest gift of all— Jesus.
4th Sunday of Advent
Christmas Day
A Service of
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