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Winter 2018 Seasonal Activities Answer Key
Good News (Grades 2-3)
Activity 1
Down: 1-diligently, 3-Bethlehem, 6-star Across: 2-Magi, 4-overjoyed, 5-gold, 7-west Missing word: everyone
Activity 2
Down: 1-love, 3-messages, 4-February, 5-prison, 7-persecuted Across: 2-Rome, 6-priest, 8-emperor, 9-legend
Activity 3
1-J, 2-E, 3-S, 4-U, 5-I, 6-N, 7-T, 8-H, 9-D, 10-R Message: JESUS IN THE DESERT
Activity 4
The Rebuses: prayer, share, penance
The Practices: 1-share, 2-prayer, 3-penance, 4-share, 5-penance, 6-prayer, 7-prayer, 8-share, 9-share, 10-prayer

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