Lessons for Year A - Visions
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SACRAMENTSWho made arrangements for your Baptism?Who baptized you?Name one of your baptismal sponsors.In what parish did you make your First Communion?PRAYERSWho taught you to make the Sign of the Cross?Sing a Christmas carol or Easter song someone taught you.Who do you know who prays the Rosary?What prayer that you learned do you like best?COMMANDMENTSWho taughtyou the Ten Commandments?Which of the Ten Commandments is the hardest to keep?What is a Commandment you think is missing?Why do Christians keep Sunday holy?JESUSWho was your favorite religion teacher? Why?Who has helped you do works of service as Jesus did?Tell one thing you learned about Jesus this year.Who is most like Jesus in the world today?Third Sunday of Lent (Year A) First ScrutinyAnswer at least one question in each column and color its symbol.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program

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