Lessons for Year A - Good News
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3rd Sunday of Lent (Year A)First ScrutinyWhere Can I Find Jesus’ Good News?You can find Jesus’ good news in the Bible.The Bible is a big book made up of little books.The first four books in the New Testamentare the Gospels.We call the first 46 books of the Bible the Old Testament.We call the books that tell the good news about Jesus the New Testament.olepsofJohGneinhatBdinbileF3⁄4 Find Chapter 4. 3⁄4 Go to verse 5 ofChapter 4.3⁄4 Then find verse 42.This is Sunday’s Gospel story: John 4.5-42.MtheMwarkLkt eJou han3⁄43⁄4 3⁄43⁄4

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