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Activity MastersActivity TitleThe Story of SalvationScripture or Tradition: Can You Tell?Old Testament Memory GameWho Was Jesus?Imagining God the FatherWhat Is the Incarnation?Gift or Fruit?Jesus’ Mission to SaveOne, Holy, Catholic, and ApostolicA Game of Church CategoriesMary, Mother of Us AllThe Communion of SaintsThe Structure of the Mass (part 1)The Structure of the Mass (part 2)Baptism Word SearchSeeking the Gifts of the SpiritEucharist Q&A CardsPutting the Pieces TogetherSacred ArtHoly Orders Double Crossword“As Christ Loves the Church”The Work of the SpiritThe Beatitudes QuizBrainstorming the CommandmentsHonoring Those Who Care for YouChoose LifeA Works of Mercy StoryWorth Looking Up ToA Social Justice MindmapPrayer WritingSeasons of CelebrationMake Your Way to Holy Day MassCatechism ThemeActivity NumberDivine Revelation and Sacred Scripture 1Divine Revelation and Sacred Tradition 2Old Testament: Covenant with God 3The New Testament 4God the Father 5God the Son 6God the Holy Spirit 7The Paschal Mystery 8The Creed 9The Church 10Mary 11The Last Things: Heaven 12The Mass: Liturgy of the Word 13The Mass: Liturgy of the Eucharist 14Sacrament of Baptism 15Sacrament of Con rmation 16Sacrament of the Eucharist 17Sacrament of Reconciliation 18Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick 19Sacrament of Holy Orders 20Sacrament of Matrimony 21Saints and Holy People 22The Beatitudes 23Commandments 1–3: Honoring God 24Commandments 4, 6, 7, 9, and 10:Honoring Relationships 25Commandments 5 and 8: Honoring Life 26Works of Mercy 27Vocations 28Catholic Social Teaching 29Prayer 30The Liturgical Year 31Holy Days of Obligation 32

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