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Living theBaptism Is AboutGOSPELWhat does it mean to belong to a group?Suppose you belong to a swim team. Your team is a group of kids who spend almost every free minute swimming laps, exercising, and competing in meets. You agree about how much you will practice, how you will act as a team, andhow you will help and support each other. By the way you act, other kids can see what your agreements are. Add other signs of belonging on the lines.Practicesl every day after school _____________________________Wearsl team suits and shirts at meets l team jackets_____________________________Activitiesl practice starts and turnsl compete in swim meetsl attend parties after swim meets l travel together to meets_____________________________Membershipl can only choose a few new swimmers each seasonl new swimmers must earn a spot on the team_____________________________Loyalty and Obediencel to team members l to the coach_____________________________What does it mean to belong to God’s group?By your Baptism, you belong to God’s group, the Church. You made promises to reject things that a friend of God doesn’t do. You agree to be part of God’s family, which is made up of other people who have made the same promises you made. By your actions, people know what agreements the members of God’s group have. Some examples are given. Write your ideas in the blank spaces.Meetsl at Sunday Mass l for religion class_____________________________Wearsl cross on a chain _____________________________Activitiesl pray and worship together l do service projects_____________________________ _____________________________Membershipl everyone who wants to join l actively seek new members_____________________________ _____________________________Loyalty and Obediencel to Jesus and his Word in the Gospelsl to the Church _____________________________6Celebrate the Sacrament of BaptismBaptism is the sacrament that begins Christian life. Immersion in water is the sign that makes clear what Christians celebrate in this sacrament—new life. Baptism is taking the plunge or diving into Christian life.In the early Church, candidates for Baptism walked down into a pool of water, went under the water, walked out of the pool, and received a white robe. The person plunged down into the water, dying with Christ, and came up, rising with Christ to new life.At a Baptism today, the priest or deacon who celebrates the sacrament can either immerse the adult or baby in wateror pour water on his or her head. At the same time the priest or deacon says, “(Name), I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”The Sacrament of Baptism begins with questions and answers, the same promises we often renew as a Christian community. Celebrate this prayer service with your class to remind you of your own Baptism and your call to be Christian.

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