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Read Isaiah 5:1–7, this Sunday’s First Reading.Grape vines will grow and produce grapes for many years if farmers take care of theirvines and prune the branches back to the main stem each year.XIAHARVESTP CSFILWBHREY GAOHILLSIDE VINEYARDLGN MAUYLJISFRU IHJESUSLBAJ WVEQUTOHCPN AWATCHTOWER LIRCAKCELSB LNXROCKSMDV SEQSFARMERTFAITH WORDVineyards Need Hard Work and Constant CareEach Sunday, the Liturgyof the Word begins with a reading from the Old Testament.Isaiah, who lived 700 years before Jesus, says the people of Israel are God’s vines. God caresfor them just as a farmer cares for vines, so they produce grapes.Jesus also tells a story about a vineyard this Sunday. He tells about an owner who carefully plants many vines and then rents out his vineyard. The renters keep all the grapes for themselves.Many people grow grapes in Israel today just as they didFind in this puzzle the hidden words that relate to vineyards. They are spelled down or Jesus’ time. Israel is a warm country with sandy loam soil on its hillsides, just right for grapes to grow fat and sweet.To plant a vineyard in Israel, a farmer clears the stones from a hillside and digs up the soil. The farmer uses the stones to build terraces around the hillside or to build walls to keep out people and animals. Once the farmer does the hard work of planting the vines, the vines grow and produce grapes for many years.The vinegrower in the Gospel also builds a watchtower. At harvest time, guards stay in the watchtower at night to make sure no one steals the ripe grapes.The vineyard metaphor in this Sunday’s Gospel is a reminder that God generously gives his people everythingthey could ever want or need, including the promise thatthey will live forever with him in the Kingdom of Heaven. However, God’s gifts come with responsibilities—we must eagerly accept these gifts and work in this life to be worthy of them. God wants all of us to be “people who will produce fruit.”GOSPEL The story of Jesus’ life and teachings; also the  rst four books of the New Testament. The word Gospel means Good News.grapes wine vineyard Jesus rocks Isaiah farmer hoe hillside watchtower harvest wallsBayard supports Pope Francis’s call to care for our common home. Please share your copy of VENTURE with a friend or recycle it properly. Thank you.5Our CatholicFAI HCatholic

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