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27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Matthew 21:33–43THINKPFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramD83P0aFy50Lt5-Ao5nKU4,e3MOt-t4HeP3r48iUn53Bg43LB| 9IlvwSdwH.,wISN.upGi teaGu1Rm0O0.c,UomP A division of Bayard, Inc.WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHES HANDBOOK4SUNDAY GOSPEL The Parable of the VineyardNarrator: When Jesus came to the Temple, the chief priests and elders of the people came up to him.Chief Priest: Who said you can teach here?Elder: Who gave you authority?Jesus: Listen to this parable. Once there was a landowner who planted a vineyard, put a fence around it, dug a wine press in it, and built a watchtower. Then he rented out the vineyard and went on a journey. At harvest time, he sent servants to get his share of the grapes. But the renters beat up one of the servants, stoned another, and killed a third.Elder: Who is this parable about? Jesus: Keep listening. Thelandowner sent more servants to get his grapes. The renters treatedthem the same way. Then the landowner had an idea.Landowner: I will send my son. The renters will respect him.Jesus: So the son went to get his father’s share of the grape harvest.Renter 1: Here comes the owner’s son. Let’s kill him.Renter 2: Then the vineyard will be ours.Jesus: The renters dragged the son outside the vineyard and killed him. What do you think the owner will do to these renters?Chief Priest: He will kill those evil people.Elder: He will rent the vineyard to people who will give him grapes at harvest time.Jesus: Do you remember that the Scriptures say, “The stone whichthe builders rejected has become the cornerstone; this is God’s doing, and how wonderful it is”? I tell you, the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to people who will produce fruit.Elder: I knew it! This parable is about us.1 What does the landowner expect from his renters? Why won’t they give him grapes?2 Why do you think Jesus tells this story?3 If this world is God’s vineyard, what does God expect us to do with it?Connecting GOSPEL and DOCTRINEThe Church Is God’s VineyardThe Gospel this Sunday describes the work of planting a vineyard. The landowner must clear away stones, dig up the earth, plant vines, and prune them each year. With care, warm sun, and enough dew or water, vines grow bunches of fat, sweet, juicy grapes.God is like the landowner in the Gospel. The landowner wants caring renters who grow a rich harvest of grapes. God wants us to be partners in caring for the world and the people of the world. Jesus’ story calls us to become God’s renters who care for people with love and forgiveness.1 When was thelast time you offered forgiveness to someone?2 Name a way you care for others or for the earth.For free at-home activities, visit to page 30 in What the Church Believes and Teaches to learn how we to build a good conscience through knowledge and good judgment.

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