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“For my mom, who is still sick,” said Hannah.“Please take out your math books,” said Ms. Putty after prayer.Everyone took out their books and homework. Hannah rummaged through her backpack, sending papers  ying in every direction.“Hannah, what is this mess in your desk?” said Ms. Putty. “Where is your math book?”“I don’t know, Ms. Putty. Maybe at home?”“Class, let’s begin by correcting page 232,” said Ms. Putty. “Joe, please start.”“Number 1 is 3.24,” said Joe. “Number 2 is 7.62,” said Carl. “Number 3 is 6.36,” saidAdam.“Joe, what did you get forthat answer?” asked Ms. Putty. “6.46, Ms. Putty,” Joeanswered.“My answer must be right,”said Adam. “My dad always checks my work.”Ms. Putty moved to the smartboard. “Let’s work the problem together, and see what we get. Who wants to work the problem?”Carrie came to the board. “The answer is 6.46,” she said.“But I never miss an answer,” said Adam.“We all make mistakes,” said Ms. Putty. “Now form your math groups to try more decimal problems.”Soon even Hannah became part of the busy hum of mathematical activity in the classroom. Sam shared hisbook with her. Adam worked by himself.“Adam, why aren’t you working with Zach and Jessie?” Ms. Putty asked.“I hate working in groups,” said Adam.“We can learn from each other,” said Ms. Putty.The recess bell rang and everyone rushed to the door. Adam stayed at his seat.“Ms. Putty, may I stay in and work on my math?” Adam said. “The games at recess are stupid!”“No, Adam, go out and have some fun. It’s such a nice day that I am going, too.”The children started a game of Wall Ball and invited Adam to play. Hannah kicked the ball toward Jessie, who kicked it toward Adam.“Adam, you’re out; the ball touched you!” shouted Jessie.“No, I’m not!” screamed Adam. “I was safe!”The rest ofthe class ignoredthe scene and kept playing. Adam refused to leave the game.After recess, Ms. Putty began religion class. “Next Thursday we will celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation,” she said. “Please work in pairs to  nish the activity we began yesterday in Venture. Hannah, I’ll help you straighten your papers.”“Ms. Putty, I can help Hannah get organized,” Adam said. “I  nished my work already.”“All right,” said Ms. Putty. “You can put Hannah’s math papers in a stack.”But Adam began talking to Ms. Putty and ignoring Hannah. Zach rolled his eyes at Terrell and Jessie, as he returned to his seat. Terrell and Jessie had desks near the library table.“I am so upset about the Sacrament of Reconciliation,” they heard Adam say. “I don’t like to go, because I never have anything to tell the priest. I never do anything wrong!”“I never have that problem!” Ms. Putty said.Hannah looked at Ms. Putty and then at Adam.“What about pretending you are better than everyone else,” Hannah said to him, “and always wanting to be  rst, and saying you are not out in Wall Ball, when you really are out?”Adam stared at Hannah. Then he handed her therumpled math sheets and quickly walked back to hisseat. Terrell and Jessie held out their hands for aquiet high  ve.1 Who have you known who acts like Adam? Like Hannah?2 How does Adam set himself apart?3 How do you think Adam will respond to Hannah’s words? How will Hannah’s words help Adam?3THINK

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