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2who’s Perfect?by Mary Fran Allen, CSJBRR ...ING.The  rst school bell rang. “Let’s beat the Perfect Painto class,” said Zachary, urging Jessie and Terrell to walk faster toward their  fth-grade classroom.“Then we can hear what he says to Ms. Putty,” said Jessie.The three ran through the classroom door.“Good morning, Ms. Putty,” they said one after the other.“Good morning, children,” their teacher answered. “You are early.”Just then Adam, the Perfect Pain, burst into the room. His uniform was fresh and clean, with sharp creases down the front of each pant leg. His curly hair was still wet from the shower. He was smiling from ear to ear.“Good morning, Ms. Putty,” Adam said enthusiastically. “This book bag is way heavy, butI have all my assignments done, even our history map.”Ms. Putty nodded in a friendly way.“Perfect thinks he is a friend of every teacher,” whispered Zach.“Just because his dad is a teacher,” said Terrell.Ms. Putty handed a paper to Adam and asked, “Will you take this to the of ce, please, Adam?”“Yes, Ms. Putty,” said Adam. “I’ll be glad to.”“We never get to run errands or be a messenger in our classroom,” said Jessie. “Adam always does it  rst.”Other children began spilling into the  fth-grade classroom.“Hey, Jessie,” said Sarah, “Nice save for our soccer team. I couldn’t believe how fast you blocked that shot.”“Me either,” said Jessie. “Thanks.”“Class, quiet yourselves for prayer. Everyone is here but Hannah,” Ms. Putty noted as she looked around the room.Suddenly, the door opened and Hannah rushed into the room with her backpack unzipped. Books and papers fell in every direction. She scooped up her things and rushed to her seat.Hannah was having a bad hair day. It stuck up in places where she had slept on it. Her shirt featured a spot of yesterday’s spaghetti on the front.Ms. Putty settled the group and lit the prayer candle. “Take out your psalm sheets. Spencer, it is your day to lead prayer.”Adam slipped into the room and slid quietly into his seat. Spencer read the Scripture for the day and invited the class to pray for their intentions.“For peace in the world,” said Amy.“For my family,” said Sean.

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