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BelieveAnnunciation. The feast of his birth is nine months later, on December 25.Since ancient times Mary has held the title “Mother of God” becauseshe became the mother of Jesus, the Son of God from all eternity. Mary is also honored as the “Mother of the Church” and “the Mother of us all.” Not only was she born without sin, but she also remained free of all personal sin throughout her life.12. What Was the Mission of Jesus?Jesus came to earth to carry out a mission from God, and that was to proclaim the rule or Reign of God. All of Jesus’ words and deeds— his entire life— revealed God’s love. In addition, Jesus agreed to die on the Cross in order to save the whole world from sin.All people are given the chance for eternal salvation because Jesus died for the good of every person. Scripture says that God so loved the world that he sent his Son, and his Son is Jesus Christ.On the third day after Jesus died, he rose from the dead. Many of his disciples saw the Risen Christ and swore to this fact for the rest of their lives. Later, Jesus ascended into Heaven, and from Heaven he will come again to judge the living and the dead.13. What Is the Church?The word church means “gathering.” The Church is an assembly of those whom Jesus calls together to form the People of God. As Head of the Church, Christ pours out on its members the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity. The Spirit builds, enlivens, and sanctifies (makes holy) the Church. In this way the Church, nourished with the Body of Christ, becomes the Body of Christ.In the one Body are many different members and functions. Look around at Mass some Sunday. You will see people of all ages and races. Someare old; some are young. There are office workers, truck drivers, doctors, executives, students. Yet they all say the same responses, hear the same readings and homily, offer one another the same sign of peace, and receive the Body and Blood of the same Jesus Christ. They are united even though they are very different.And this unity exists around the world, no matter what language Catholics use at Mass. Unity among Catholics comes from Christ. He is the Head of the Church. The Church lives through him, with him, and in him. Because of Christ’s great love for his people, the Church is often called the Bride of Christ.11

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