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JesusYou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.The Eighth Commandment forbids telling lies of any kind. This includes ruininganother’s reputation with lies, and it even includes harming another by spreading the truth about his faults.If you slip and do say something mean, then you must try to mend the damage you have done. For example, if you truthfully tell your friends that a classmate’s father once was in jail, then make up for your sin by learning and sharing some good things about the man, too. Admit to your friends that you were wrong to gossip about him.You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.The Ninth Commandment is mainly for adults. It says that it is wrong to think all the time about someoneelse’s spouse, wishing that he or she were yours. The strong desire for someone else’s partner is called lust.Adults with lustful thoughts should purify their hearts. They should tryto see the other person the way God sees him or her. That person, along with his or her marriage partner, deserves honor and respect. So does the couple’s marriage, because God himself has joined them together.You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.The Tenth Commandment forbids wanting someone else’s wealth or property, wishing that it were yours.To avoid this sin, train yourself to feel good about others’ blessings. Count your own blessings, and know that God provides you with all that you need for a good life.FollowPhoto credit: CIRIC35

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