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FollowJesusYou shall not kill.The Fifth Commandment tells you to respectall human life, from conception to death. Never destroy an innocent humanlife. Never kill the unborn, never take another’s life to spare him or her pain, and never take your own life.The only time you may take a human life is when an enemy attacks you. Then you have the right to defend yourself.The Fifth Commandment also tells you not to destroy another’s spirit. You do that when you attack a person with unkind words or when you try to make the person an outcast. Don’t tease or bully another. Don’t exclude another from group activities just because you don’t like something about the person.Finally, the Fifth Commandment asks that you do everything possible to prevent your country from going to war. Whenever war is needed for your nation’s defense, then make sure your country obeys all rules of war. These are set by treaties like the Geneva Conventions and groups like the United Nations.You shall not commit adultery.The Sixth Commandment asks you to respect your body and those of others. Be modest in your wordsand actions. Let modesty guide your choice of clothing. Avoid words andactions that show disrespect for any part of the human body. For keeping the Sixth Commandment, Jesus is your best model.The Sixth Commandment also asks married people to stay faithful to their partners. No married person should ever date or start treating another man or woman like a husband or wife. No married person should seek a divorce. No married person should have more than one wife or husband at a time. Rather, married couples should do everything they can to keep their married love alive and growing.You shall not steal.The Seventh Commandment tells you not to take someone else’s propertyor use someone else’s property withoutpermission. It also asks you to return any property that you learn was stolen.The Seventh Commandment further reminds you that God made everything on earth for the common good— for everyone’s good. The Seventh Commandment requires you to practice justice. You must help make sure that everyone on earth gets his or her fair share. Charity— helping those who have little— is also partof obeying this commandment. So is taking care of the environment and being kind to animals.34

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