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JesusI am the Lord yourGod; you shall not have strange gods before me.The First Commandment tells you to put God first in your life. Believe in God,hope in God, and love God more than anyone else or anything else. Pray to God, worship God in church, and keep all the promises you make to God. Don’t get involved with superstition, magic, fortunetelling, or atheism (the belief that there is no God).You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.The Second Command- ment tells you always to use the names of God andJesus with love and respect. Don’t begin a sentence with “Oh, my God” or “Jesus Christ” unless you are actually talking to God or Jesus in prayer. And when you pray, never ask God to harm or destroy someone else. Never swear in God’s name that you are telling the truth if you are actually telling a lie.Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day.The Third Commandment tells you to set aside one day of the week for worship and rest. The ancient Jewsset aside Saturday, which they calledthe Sabbath. Christians have always worshiped on Sunday to honor Christ’s Resurrection on a Sunday. Always go to Mass on Sunday, and then allow time for enjoying family and friends afterward. Always go to Mass on other holy days, such as Christmas and Easter. Always go to Mass on any day named a holy day of obligation by your bishop.Honor your father and your mother.The Fourth Commandment tells you to respect your parents. Be polite to them, obey their rules, thankthem for their care, and help them when they need it. Even after youare old enough to make your own rules, you still owe your parents your respect, thanks, and help. In turn, your parents owe you everything you need for a good life, both physically and spiritually. That includes an education and a peaceful, stable, loving home.You also must obey the rules of your society and respect your government leaders. In turn, your leaders must always be fair and respectful with you.Finally, if a government leader ever asks you to do something wrong, you need not and must not obey that person. Remember, obeying God always comes first in your life.Follow33

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