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FollowJesusthat attack. Harming another person, that person’s reputation, loved ones, or property to get revenge would be committing a mortal sin.5. Why Is Working for the Common Good Important?Our Catholic faith calls us to workfor the common good. That meanswe are to form a society that helps all persons become all that they can be. Human beings reach their full potential when they can use their talents and when they have friends and family to love. Stopping anyone from developing his or her talents is a sin against that person and against the common good. So is stopping anyone from forming and keeping good, loving relationships.Our Catholic faith calls us to respect persons of all races, religions, and nations. All human beings deserve respect because every single person is made in the image and likeness of God. We know it is wrong to hate or exclude anyone just because that person is different from us. We know it is right to support laws that improve the lives of all people and not just some people.6. How Are God’s Law and God’s Grace Connected?God’s Law has been revealed to humanity in stages. The Old Law given to the ancient Jews came first. It repeated a moral code already written on people’shearts, but many had failed to look into their hearts to find it. Summed up in the Ten Commandments, the Old Law prepared the way for the New Law given through Jesus.The New Law is expressed in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. God gave people special help for keeping it— the sacraments. Those who believe in Christ receive the sacraments. Those who receive the sacraments receive the grace of the Holy Spirit. Those who receive the grace of the Holy Spirit receive strength for keeping Christ’s commandments. In fact, they receive new hearts. With hearts renewed and reformed, believers are able to live new lives of love, grace, and freedom.Grace is what helps us respond to our call to be adopted children of God. Grace is a share in the perfect love that the Persons of the Trinity have for each other— Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Grace makes people sharers in divine life.7. The Ten Commandments Are for Everyone.The Ten Commandments were not new or unique when first given tothe Jews through Moses. God had already written the moral law onall people’s hearts. Because this is true, the commandments apply to all humankind, always and everywhere.But what do those commandments say, and what do they mean?32

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