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Fourth graders from St. Anthony’s Church in Oceanside, New York, and St. Ann’s Church in South Chester eld, Virginia, answered the following KidTalk questions:When has someone invited you into a group? How did it feel?I was the youngest girl on my gymnastics team, and I didn’t know anyone. I was really nervous before a meet. The older girls on the team reminded me that I was a good gymnast, and they were happy to have me on the team. Now I make surethat the new, younger girls feel welcomed and know they are an important part of the team. CatherineA kid in my class asked if I wanted to play football. No one brought a football, so we played kickball instead. I went from being the kid who always read on the Buddy Bench to Rookie of the Year, and it felt great!My teacher invited me into the gifted program atmy school. We learn by working together as a team. I am very thankful. I feel like I can take on anyI played basketball on a CYO team for the first time last year. I was so excited to play but alsovery nervous. At the first practice, my coach introduced me to the team. The boys were all so nicechallenge.SophiaIt was my first hockey game in a new division. I didn’t think I wasgood enough. My coach said he was happy to have meon his team, and my friend encouraged me. FrancoIt felt so good whenI got invited to abirthday party. I wasso excited that noteven the computer could keep me occupied! I can’t wait to goReeseand we had so much fun.DanielLast summer, I was invited to try out for asoccer team. I felt excited and nervous. I hadto wait two months to find out I had made it.I didn’t know a lot of people, but now I’m happy I have the opportunity to be on the team. RyanPrayLord, it hurts to be left out. Help us to reach out to others so that no one in your family feels rejected.ThinkHave you ever made someone else feel left out? When have you had the chance to include someone but did not?ActReach out to someone who feels rejected. Help them see that they are a special part of God’s family. Say hi to someone who is alone or invite them to sit with your another party.AriannaI got to play softball for the very first time. I was so happy that my team let me play withthem for the season. I got to meet lots of new friends. CeciliaWhen I joined my gymnastics team, I felt scared because I was with newpeople doing harder skills. I was nervous that I was not going to be as good as some of my teammates. One of my teammates made me feel comfortable and part of the team. MontanaI was asked to join the principal’s leadership team. I was very excited, but nervous. You have to write an essay to be accepted. It is always fun to beI was invited to a sleepover. We made cake and played games, like hide-and-go-seek and freeze tag. In the morning, we made pancakes with faces on them. Tiaraasked into a group.Katie8Imprimatur: +Most Reverend Robert J. McManus, S.T.D., Bishop of Worcester, May 15, 2017. Editorial Director: David Dziena; Editor: Nicholle Check; Designer: Jennifer Poferl. Printed in the USA. VENTURE copyright © 2017 by Pflaum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc., sponsored by the Augustinians of the Assumption. Material in this issue may not bereproduced in whole or in part in any form or format without special permission from the publisher. Page 1 photo: EDA; pages 2 and 3 art: Erica Sampson; page 4 art: Sally Beck; page 5 photo/art: EDA/Jaclyn Shenian; page 7 (clockwise starting top left): EDA, Marcel Cozet/CIRIC, Filotéo 236– Illustration: Helene Georges.”KidTALKEWLCEOMWith My Family and Friends

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